Backbase – A kickass AJAX framework

I’ve got a upcoming project that requires some complex interaction services and I’m looking around for frameworks that suits my needs. Almost everything I develop gets done using the Prado Framework. The AJAX support in Prado is pretty new (at least for the 3.x version), so I’ll probably need something that offers more in terms of integrated services and controls. Prado supplies some of the underlying features, but I do not have the time to re-invent several wheels. I know that there are plans for new ajax features and controls in Prado 3.1, but I can’t sit around waiting for that.

It’s been quite some time since the first time I heard about the Backbase framework. I’ve never gotten around to take it for a spin, but I’ve spent some time reading the documentation and checking out the samples. The Backbase Travel Demo is especially impressive. The controls and widgets that ships with the package are pretty impressive as well. I hope to get time to give it a spin this weekend. If I do I’ll do a short writeup on my impressions and experiences.