Zend Studio running slowly?

I’ve been working with Zend Studio for six months now, and I’ve been pretty happy with the IDE. There are some minor issues with the auto complete feature, and sometimes it tends to just lock up. When I came to work today Zend just would not cooperate at all. I loaded up a project, and it took 45sec just to browse a folder. Opening a file took 30 seconds more, and typing / selecting text was all done with 5sec delays. I tried restarting the IDE, restarting my workstation, nothing helped. After looking around on the net for a while I saw some Windows users had similar problems, and deleting the Zend cache was apparently a good thing to do. The cache files on Linux is usually stored in /home/user/ZDE/config_x.x/caches (x being the Zend Studio version). After deleting the files in that folder Zend is back and running like never before.


Zend Studio auto-completer tip

I just came across a annoying “feature” in Zend Studio. In the project I’m working on I have branches, trunk and export/releases. The workspace I set up in Zend uses the root folder as project directory so I can easily browse all branches and trunk. I’ve been working in trunk all day, adding type hinting and documentation for several classes, but when I got around to actually using the classes the auto-completer didn’t find the additions I had made. After checking around a bit I found out that Zend reads the folders alphabetically, so when I was working in trunk Zend got the auto-completer data from branches. Nice to know.